The Panic about Ritualistic Sexual Abuse

During the 1980's, there was an epidemic of accusations of sexual abuse.  Not just sexual abuse, but ritualistic, Satanic sexual abuse.  The therapeutic method of bringing out repressed memories or recovered memories was used by many mental health professionals.

Utah was not immune from this scare.  The Glenn L. Pace letter is evidence of that.

In March of 1990, Utah created a task force to investigate ritualistic sexual abuse.  90% of people in Utah believed at that time that ritualistic sexual abuse was widespread.  With this task force, a full investigation was done.

This is the preliminary document:

King and Jacobson 1

This is the conclusion:

King and Jacobson 2

"The Attorney General's Office followed up with further investigation of all alleged incidents brought to their attention.  The investigators were unable to substantiate with physical evidence the incidents reported to them.  Using the standard for criminal prosecution, investigators were unable to support the cases substantially to justify filling of criminal charges, and in some cases the alleged incidents were beyond the statute of limitations."

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