Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sexual Abuse Allegations During Divorce, then comes the darkness...

During the custody battle, an accusation came forward that my father molested my little sister.  A recording came forward that my grandmother and mother created, in which they coached my little sister to say she was molested by my father.

My sister was taken to a therapist who wrote an affidavit on July 26th, 1988 affirming his belief she was indeed molested.  This was fully investigated by authorities.  My sister was taken to Primary Children's Hospital and they found a bump on my sister's hymen, which left a determination of abuse inconclusive.

After the investigation, my father was not charged with anything because there was no evidence besides the audio recording and this therapist's belief that she was indeed molested.  My mother visited with the therapist before meeting with my sister.  Informing him of what she "knew" was going on.

After the charges were dropped.  My mother pressed forward until she could find someone who believed her.  She stumbled upon the office of Barbara Snow and Teena Sorensen.  My sister was taken to Barbara Snow for one-on-one counseling.

Shortly thereafter, more allegations came out.  Allegedly, all my brothers and sisters were molested by my dad, including me.  My two older brothers were informed that they raped my little sister.  To this day, not one person in my family has any memory of any of these things actually taken place.

I was taken to the same therapist that my sister was taken to originally.  He determined I had not been abused.  I was taken to a couple of other therapists who made the same determination.  Finally, I ended up and Barbara Snow and Teena Sorensen's office.

My sister and I were taken to this office for dozens and dozens of office visits over the course of a couple of years.  What we experienced is only comparable to what intelligence officers do to retrieve information from suspected terrorists.  This was psychological warfare against innocent children.  My sister and I experienced coaching, pressure, anger and punishment to admit we had been abused.